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Here in Washington State, wine grapes have a legacy reaching back nearly 20,000 years when catastrophic ice age floods began carving the rugged terrain where today’s vitis vinifera thrive. The ice age events, the floods and then the winds have created soils that have no equivalent in the entire world.
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• Experience the Missoula Floods through 3D animations.

• Learn how wine is a reflection of terroir.

• Identify vineyard characteristics in wine.

• Expand your wine knowledge.

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Discover the rugged beauty and great adventure that is Washington State. This DVD includes various wine industry experts such as Alan Busacca Ph.D., Soil Scientist and ice age flood expert, Amy Mumma, World of Wine Program, at Central Washington State University. Andy Perdue, Wine Critic, Editor of Wine Press Northwest magazine, plus interviews with 18 vineyard managers and winemakers. Watch the spectacular 3D animations !
Runtime 92 minutes
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